*If your child has scheduled medicine administered at school, you can pick that medicine up tomorrow from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

 *Fundraiser money will be due as soon as we return. 

*The District Art Show has been postponed.

 *PTO Bingo Night will be rescheduled. 

*The Archery Tournament @ PRE will be rescheduled. 

*Breakfast for Moms and Dads will be rescheduled.

 *Book Fair will be canceled until further notice.

Our district has been preparing for the possibility of an extended closure to mitigate the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19). More information will be shared in the coming days. In the meantime, continue practicing social distancing and good hygiene practices. Please tell our children we love them and will be thinking about them during this time. Thank you for your patience and support. We couldn't be more thankful for you all.

School District of Newberry County ·  With the Governor’s proclamation for closing schools, the School District of Newberry County will not have school through March 31. Students and families are asked to

continue to practice good hygiene by washing hands and also maintain social distancing by staying six feet away from others. We will be sending out information about meals being provided to students, including locations to pick up breakfast and lunch in the near future. We will also provide information regarding student assignments to be completed during the closing. Additional details will be provided soon.